IoT Solutions

RDH has been working in the IoT space to bring dependable and responsive solutions to our clients.

Pictured below is an example of one of our telemetry enclosures used to demonstrate sensor monitoring.

Water Roadshow IoT Enclosure

The idea of the enclosure is that we're able to demonstrate remote pump activation over a LoRaWAN network as well as show off the Dwyer RHT (relative humidity and temperature) sensor unit, Dwyer pressure transducer for water level monitoring and ancillary switching for other electrical devices.

We've installed a Teltonika RUT950/RUT955 mount along with the WISE 6610 gateway inside a vehicle for instant networks and seamless functionality on the road.

Water Roadshow Mobile LoRa Gateway

All sensors feed back to a highly customisable cloud dashboard. With this setup we're able to demonstrate the entire system anywhere and any time!

Water Roadshow IoT Dashboard